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my wife is a very beautiful girl, and youd have to be either a dead man or queer not to get ideas if you seen her. she is 5,6,-34-24-35, about 120, long blond hair, and a very pretty face. ive never got used to looking at her body in all the years weve been together, which is about 8 years now. we have agood sex life and she makes me very happy. and love each other very much. my big problem is that it excites me totatly thinking about seeing her with other guys. i dont know why, but I like the thought. and the dirtier it is the better I like it. ive never told her though because im sure she would leave me if she knew. so I just enjoy my thoughts to myself. now im going to share one with you. let me know if you think im /crazy/">crazy or not after you read my story. one night we are essing around feeling each other up kissing. linda asks me if there was anything I would like to do that is a little dirty? im thinkng, do I or dont I tell her.

i descide to give it a shot. I tell her that I think I would like to show her off to another guy. she asks, why? I tell her, because im turned on picturing you naked ans some guy seeing your body. linda smiled at me.( I was suprised ) she says tell her what id like to do? I tell her , you are dressed up real sexy, slezzy looking, but I think you look really bitchen. your wearing one of your black mini skirts a sheir sexy blouse tied around your waist. knee hi black boots with matching under clothes. you look very delicious to meand I know that any one that sees you will give you more then one look.and wish he had you. linda tells me, she likes my knew idea. that turns me on more. so I tell her, id like to have someone we know, and knows us real good. I like the feeling of him being married and we know his wife. maybe a neighbor, or one of your girlfriends hubands. she asks me, what about one of your good friends? I say, I dont like that, but would do it because id get excited seeing him with you. linda asys, she will do whatever id like but only if I got gary. he was my best friend. we grew up togther and I know what a thrill hed get if we asked him. especially being able to snidly tell me anytime hed like what he did to linda.

as I tell her what id like to see happen, now picturing gary as the guy, I say i9f we did this, I wante her to know that I wanted to have her do every thing she knows how to do to him.she says ok. I say we ask gary over one night and have some drinks. I tell him that she looks really bitchen tonight, dont he think so? gary looks you over rel good saying ya, he cant remember seeing her looking this good since you two got married. I tell him that I asked her to dress up really sexy tonight. like when we were going out together. linda says, she hopes I like her? gary blurts in saying, dont worry, if he dont, that he sure dose. gary says, she can look that good for him anytime she wants to. gary has always had better cars then me. has always told me in the begining, anytime i got a new /girlfriend/">girlfriend that hed fuck her anythime. one time he lied to me saying that the girl I just meant and liked is a girl he knew a few years ago, and that he fucked her a couple of times when she came over to his house. that pissed me off but I didnt say anything. later I found out he lied to me. so I now he just wants to make me feel /bad/">bad because thats what he likes doing. I say, we have some drinls getting pretty loaded. each time linda went to get us drinks gary would watch her real good. he tells me that im very lucky having such a /wife/sexy-wife/">sexy wife. I let him know I knew it. when she came back gary says, hve you linda ever put on a show for your ol man? she smiles as she says, sure she has. she likes trying new things. gary asked me to tell him what linda did?

i look at her and ask?is it ok with you? linda grins and ays, sure why not? so I tell gary that one time linda danced for me and striped naked as I watched her. he says thats bitchen, did you like doing it linda/ looking at her face, she tells gary she felt real excited. I told gary that just watching her and thinking that somebody might look inthe window and see her had me excited. linda said she almost wanted some one to see her. were pretty drunk now feeling no pain.gary says, he sure would of liked looking in the window and seen linda striping. I say I bet he would. gary is now bodly saying his peace ithout worring about how we felt.i liked that, so did my wife. he asks her, what would you of done if someone like me was peeking through the window watching you strip naked? she answers, she dont know.she asks me what I thought? gary says, howd you feel?

i look at her then him saying right now im not sure. but that itkind of sounds very exiting knowing some one got to see my linda naked. she asks me if I really meant it? I say I think so. linda says shed get real embaresed if was someone that we know. I ask and if we didntknow him youd like it? gary says he bets that both of us really like thinking someone might see her. I tell him, it sounds very thrilling now. trying something dirty sounds exciting to her right now. he asks me, why dont we do what turns us on now? I say, with youhere? he says sure why not.linda says because we know you to good. and youd tell everone. gary tells her hed promiss her hed never say a word to anybody. that was bullshit and both of us knew it. linda looks at me asking, if I wanted to do it with gary here? I tell her, only if thats what turns you on right now. gary blurts in, before we say anything and says, he knew I wanted to show off my wife to him. then he says what do we want to do. linda says how about strip poker? I tell her ok and gary says, do we have cards? linda says yes and goes and gets them. gary tells me he wants to /wife/wife-fucking/fuck-my-wife/">fuck my wife tonigh and have me watch him do it. that has me so excited I cant believe l like what he told me. linda sis down snd shfulls the cards. she asks, what happens after the game is over?

i say the first one naked has to stay naked the rest of the night. gary tells us that whever wins. can make the first looser do anything. I ask inda it that was ok? she says sure then asks,what do you mean, anything, gary says, if he lost first we can make him do watever we want that turns us on.like what linda says. well I could be told to jack off in front of you. or make me do something id never do anyother time, what linda asks? he says, make me jack your husband off or worse yet blow him.she says would you really do it if we told you to? gary tells her, only if you promiss him that if she lost shed do anything he tlls her to do no matter what it is"? I smile thinking about seeing my wife having to let gary use her body totally. I liked what I was thinking/ linda acting like theres no way shes loosing says to me, what do I think? I say sure why notso linda tells gary ok lets do it. she asks how sould we start betting? I ask gary what he thought about betting somethng an whoever the winner is, gets to take off the clothes that the person lost. he likes that. so I bet my shirt gary, his shirt lind her blouse. I deal and gary wins linda looses. he says, I get to take off your blouse linda, she says yes. he reaches over and starts unbuttoning her blouse. I was very excited seeing gary get to put his hands on her and take her blouse off. as he pullsher blouse open looking at her bikini covered bra he remarks just how easy this night is giong to be. I knew what he meant. gary plls her blouse off of her dropping it on the floor. he looks at her body and says, remember when you first started datind linda? I say sure.gary says remember when you old me that linda had /tits/perfect-tits/">perfect tits? she looks at me and says you told gary that?

i dont remember. I knew linda liked hearing that. linda asks him, just how much did he describe me to you. gary grins as he says hell tell her in a minute. I took off my shirt. thendelt the next hand. before we look at our cards i say, I know gary dosentwant to take off any of my things so ill do it for him. then add. ill even let him take my place when I win. he asks, do you mean he gets to take off lindas things when I win?yes I tell him.he is now very cocky. we look at our cards and says we didnt be. so I say my pants, linda says her skirt he says his shirt. sowe play and I win. I say kinda you get to take his shirt off. she pulls it up over his head because it a t shirt.she slips it off him dropping it on the floor.gary is looking at her closely while her body is close to his. so I say now you gary. he smiles big as linda standsup in front of him he unsnaps her skirt, pulls down the ziper and then sits back a little and looks at her as he slips her skirt down showing him her bitchen body now olny in bikini bra and panties. im so turned on seeing him put his hands on her feeling her flesh as he gets to see her body, gary mumbles, if stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv I would of known it was this easy, hed of tried a long time ago. I deal again this time I bet my pants gary his pants and linda her bra. I win again.telli9ng linda totake off his pants. shetells him to stand up when he dose, she gets in front of him and pulls hi snap open then pulls the ziper down now she slips his pante down to the floor. his had cock is pressing against his shorts. linda looks at it smiling gary sees that and says you sure like looking at that dont you linda? she smiles and he sits down next to her. go ahead gary, he looks at her as he reaches around her waist and pulls her against him and nsnaps her bra. he tells her that she is the easist girl that hes ever had that hes striped naked. then he sits back just a little so he can see her bouse fall down to the floor reveling her perfectly pointed tits to his eyes. gary looks real good and tells her, your husband told me how beautiful your tits are and he was right gary pulled her against him so her tit were against his chest he says he also said your tits felt good anyplace against my body. gary tells us he wishes that hed of told us a couple of years ago to let him get linda naked I wisper to her, lets let him just think that we would of done this then.

she likes that.now we bet our last thing. ideal and I win again. I say gary go ahead he sayst his is so easy and he has her stand up.she dose and gary pulls down her panties leaving her naked . I didnt give them time to say a word. I say now yu gary he stands in front of her and she pulls his shorts off him. I say gary, lat down on your back now. he looks puzzled but lays down like,i tell him as soon as hes on his back I tell linda to get on top of him in a sitting posision as she starts to I tell her, sit down on his cock and put it up inside you and fuck gary litting him look at your naked body while he fucks you. londa dose and gary just moans out loud as his cock slides uop inside of her. then she slowly starts fucking him what a view I have, im looking at m wife sitting on garrrys cock fucking him and he is looking at her naked body moving up and down on his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock making him feel better than any girl has in years. gary asks me what I feel as I see him linda says, you still didnt say if you are gladfucking my wife? linda says also, are you still glad that you made me fuck gary? I say, linda, you have no idea how thrilled and excited I am watching gary get to enjoy himself as he sees your naked body on him as you fuck him. because I know and ive told you that if you give in and let him do anything at all to you that he will brag to anybody who listens to him everyting in detail that happens today. in fact not only will he tell, he will make up alot of stuff that didnt happen just to make everyone think hes such a stud that you want him so much that you promissed him that he can come over anytime he feels like it and you will give him his every desire no matter what it s. she says, you still didnt tell me if you like seeing me naked with gary as he fucks me?

 i tell her that I am very excited and want to see him using her body every way he wants to use her. gary looks over at me smiling and tells me that he knew I wanted him to fuck my wife. thats when gary says, if you ever get a /wife/new-wife/">new wife or girlfriend again I want you to tell me to fuck them right way. linda asks him why so soon? gary tells her so he dont have to work so hard making them give in to him. I liked what he told her but he made a big mistake saying how hard he worked. he looks up at her naked body thrilling at the feel of her taking his hard cockup her body and says, linda you are giving me /best/best-fucking/the-best-fuck/">the best fuck hes ever had. she asks him, so who are you comparing me to? is it anybody she knows? gary says, he hasnt had a woman in over 5 years. she asks, so who is she better then? he grins big as he snidly tells her, his hand. linda yells out, WHAT YOUR HAND, he smiles telling her ya, much better. I look at my wife excidedly knowing whats going to happen next. she bends down asking him to enjoy her tits.when he tries to pull her body and tits to his mouth, she lets him put his mouth around one and bite into it.she says, is it good gary? hes in heaven as he tells her yes and that he is going to suck on her tits for hours, thats how much he wants her body. about then linda stops everything she is doing then she just gets up off of of him leaving him in total shock. she stands in front of him showing him her naked body for the last time and he tells her to get back and fuck him.he isnt through with her yet. linda says, what did you say?

thats when gary orders her to get on top of him and put his cock back inside of her and not to stop until he tells her to. linda says, fuck you gary.go fuck a dog or pig. I was enjoying giving in to you, making sure white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie you liked my body and wondering what else I could do to make you happy untill you opened your dirty filthy mouth and said you were working to hard trying to get a girl over for a little fuck and suck session. if you ever mention to any body and she means anybody about today with her being here and how easy it is to get her to fuck or anything else. she will tell everyone he knows which means his wife also, just what a /asshole/">asshole he really is.gary tells her ok he really means it now. not a word. hes still looking at lindas bitchin naked body and says dam but I really do love sucking on those pointed tits as we fuck linda. and he is very sorry how he has acted. im listening to his crap thinking to myself he really dont think linda is going to fall for it again dose he.

even though I am stil totatly into seeing my wife giving her naked body to anybody now. I am totaly amaised at my wife as she says,she thinks he really means it so she wants to be sure that he is happy and tells him to turn on his back. I can see that gary has just pulled off another one of his big bullshit stories on my wife again as she gets on him again and fucks him just like he ordered her to do 10 minutes ago. watching my beautifull naked wife again as she starts telling him how much she likes having his hard cock up inside her gets me turned on again. I hope you enjoyed my story and let me know. good or bad let me hear from you.