The School Project

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The School Project

My name is Alan and this story takes place when I was a senior in high school I had a huge crush on a classmate of mine named Ryan. He was 63 with brown hair with an amazing body due to his being our schools star swimmer. I would go to swim meets just so I could see his lean muscular body in nothing but a speedo. I myself am 62 with blonde hair was a wide receiver on the football team and thus was in great shape myself.

Despite the fact that we were both top athletes we rarely spoke to each other mostly due the fact I was too nervous to say anything to him. I was not out and was certain Ryan was straight given the way girls always seemed to hang around him. Ryan and I were in the same history class, where I would constantly stare his direction only to turn away before he could catch me.

One day our /teacher/">teacher paired the students up to make a presentation on a battle in WWII, luckily I got paired with Ryan. Ryan seemed indifferent to the pairing as I tried to hide my excitement knowing I would be spending a lot of time with this swimming god. Ryan suggested we get together to do research that afternoon at his house. The final two periods seemed to drag on forever but the final bell rang snapping me out of my /fantasy/">fantasy of rubbing soap over Ryans washboard abs. I carefully hid my /erection/">erection as I went out to my car to follow Ryan to his house.

After we got to his house we made small talk and went up to his room to sexxxx video ful hd begin our research on the Battle of Iwo Jima. I sat at his computer as we started to compile an outline for the presentation. After about twenty minutes Ryan got up and went to the bathroom leaving me alone at the computer. Out of curiosity I looked through his browser history and discovered to my delight that he frequented several /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn sites. I clicked on one of the sites and waited for Ryan to return to his room.

As Ryan returned to his room, I turned to him and asked him "Are you gay?"

Ryan was shocked by the question barely managing to get out "Why are you asking me that?"

I quickly showed him one of the web sites I found in his history and savored the /adorable/">adorable dear in the headlights look on his face. I asked him if he ever had sex with a guy and he told me about his ex-boyfriend who he had broken up with a few months before. Ryan then turned to me and asked, "why are you so interested?"

I responded "Im gay too."

"Have you ever been with a guy?" Ryan asked me, to which I admitted I hadnt as I moved to sit next to him on his bed. "Then how do you know your gay?"

"Because when I jack off I think about guys," I bluntly told him.

As I told him that I stared into his piercing blue eyes then leaned in for my first kiss. As our lips touched his arms encircled me and pulled me closer to him. His tongue begged entry to my mouth which I eagerly granted. As our make out session continued we stood up as I reached for his shirt and started pulling it over his head breaking the kiss to take it off and he quickly removed my shirt as well. As we resumed kissing I suddenly felt nervous as I reached to undo his belt.

Ryan seemed to sense this saying, "We dont have to do anything you dont want to do."

"I really want to," I said as I undid his belt and started sliding his pants and boxers off getting my first glimpse of his rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. He quickly removed my pants and we resumed kissing, but grasped each others cocks and started stroking.

His cock in my hand felt incredible but I was eager to explore his cock with more than my hand and slowly slid to my knees, kissing his body on my way down. On my knees I was staring at Ryans throbbing erection. I ran my tongue across his helmet gaining my first taste of cock. I was instantly hooked as I caught a taste of his precum. I proceeded to engulf as much of his member as I could fit down my throat. I worked his cock with my mouth while fondling his balls with my hands. From Ryans moans I could tell I was doing a good job and was eagerly anticipated tasting his cum when Ryan stopped me and pulled me up to kiss him.

Ryan could sense my disappointment whispering, "I dont want to cum yet," before falling to his knees and engulfing my cock. His warm mouth felt incredible sliding up and down my cock. I could easily tell Ryan had sucked cock before as expertly swirled his tongue around my dick head and licked my balls. Before I could orgasm Ryan stood up and asked, "What do you want to do?"

I looked down xxx sex video download free com at his cock and knew I had to have it inside my ass. "Fuck me" I told him. Ryan smiled grabbed some lube and told me to get on my hands and knees. Once I was in position I looked back just in time to see Ryan dive in and begin to rim my /asshole/">asshole. His tongue felt amazing on my ass, unlike any feeling I had ever had. After a couple minutes I desperately moaned, "Fuck me already!"

Ryan was only to happy to comply squirting some lube in my ass and then some more on his cock. He told me to try and relax as he started to push in. The pain was intense as his dick head slowly entered me, after it was in he quickly thrust all the way inside me. He just waited there letting me adjust to having a cock in my ass for a minute before he continued thrusting. When he did start thrusting again pleasure started to overtake me as the pain started to fade away. Eventually I started to move my hips to meet his every thrust. He fucked me for a good 15 minutes before I felt him orgasm and shoot his cum deep inside my ass.

After he pulled out of me he returned to sucking my cock until I exploded in his mouth. After I came he quickly stood up and kissed me with my cum still in his mouth so we could both have a taste of my seed. After that we quickly cleaned ourselves up and got dressed as I had to leave. Before I left I kiss him one last time saying "I cant wait to work on the presentation again tomorrow," and winked at him as I turned to go to my car.