Best slave ever 2

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Best slave ever 2

Marcie awoke the next morning a new woman. Her eyelids were still closed, but the events of the previous night were still fresh in her brain. 

She knew she had done the right thing when she agreed to leave the party with the tall blonde haired hunk of a man. She recalled pleasantly the /first-time/">first time she saw him standing across the room. Her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened. Thoughts of uninhibited sex danced through her brain. 

As it turned out, those thoughts became /reality/">reality. The way he took charge overwhelmed her. The way he forced her to strip out on the balcony under the moon and the stars; the way he forced her to suck his cock; the way he forcibly fucked her while she was spreadeagled to the chaise lounge, the way he invaded her asshole. She agreed to become Hans’ /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave. 

All of these events from the previous night crowded her brain as she laid there. 

She was however, a bit uncomfortable since she’d been tied wrists and ankles to the bedposts all night, face up. She wanted to roll to her side but she couldn’t. Her body stirred and she thought she’d heard movement in the room. Smiling, hoping to see her handsome /master/">master, she popped her eyes open. To her astonishment, what she saw was the brown eyes of a woman looking down at her. Like Marcie, the woman had blonde hair but it was cropped short. Her heart shaped face seemed to tower over the bed. Marcie recognized the similarity in the facial features between this woman and Hans and she recalled that he’d mentioned that his sister lived with him. Marcie also recalled him saying how he shared everything with her. 

Hans’ tied up /blonde/blonde-sex/">blonde sex-slave suddenly became aware that this strange woman was getting a free look at Marcie’s nakedness. She’d never been with a woman sexually before, although the idea the wwwxxx had intrigued her. Certainly, if this woman wanted to take advantage of her right then, there wasn’t a thing she could do about it except scream, which probably wouldn’t have done her much good. 

’Where’s Hans?’ Marcie asked calmly. 

The tall woman replied succinctly. ’Hans is a dentist. He’s gone to his office.’ 

Realizing that she was alone in this vast house with this strange woman unnerved her a bit, yet Marcie tried to remain calm . ’Oh really?’ 

’Yes, Hans will not be back home until around 5:30.’ 

Marcie was lost for words, after all it was early in the morning. 

Then the woman spoke again with a slight smile. ’By the way, my name’s Hilda, Hans’ sister.’ 

’Oh yes, Hans mentioned you.’ 

Hilda’s smile widened. ’Yes I heard you two come in last night.’ 

’Oh gee, I’m sorry to have disturbed you.’ 

’Don’t worry about that. I was watching Letterman in my room.’ 

’We tried to be quiet, really we did.’ 

’Oh I know...By the way Hans was quite right about you, you’re very lovely,’ Hilda said as she boldly looked directly at Marcie’s twin globes. 

Again Marcie was speechless. 

’Thirty-six C?’ Hilda inquired with a leer. 


’Wow, much better than these 32B’s,’ Hilda asserted as she unbuttoned her dressing gown in front to show Marcie her naked breasts. It was more information than wwwxxx Marcie cared to hear, but she searched her brain for a complimentary response. 

’They look firm,’ the trussed up blonde said in a happy tone. 

’Your being kind and that’s /sweet/">sweet,’ Hilda replied softly as she leaned over and placed her hands on Marcie’s breasts. ’But these,’ she cooed softly, ’are delectable.’ She slowly began massaging those spongy globes, paying particular attention to the nipples which hardened from the sensuous touch. 

Marcie’s face reddened as she looked wonderingly at the pretty face of Hans’ sister, who had made no effort to free her from her bondage. 

’And your pussy’s trimmed. I like that. I think bald pussies are detestable!’ The tall blonde forwardly reached between Marcie’s splayed legs and tickled her most private part. Marcie was appalled at the way this utter stranger was talking about her body and feeling her up. Yet, there was something stirringly exciting about it and she protested not. Hilda’s assessment of Marcie’s body continued. 

’And look at these supple thighs. Ooh, Hans has a good eye for women.’ She said as she ran her hands up and down Marcie’s smooth gams. 

Marcie had little choice but to accept this shameless treatment because she didn’t want to offend her Master’s sister. 

’I think you like this, don’t you Marcie?’ Hilda asked with a leer. 

Marcie’s face reddened even further and she gulped. ’Yes,’she whispered in a husky voice which was partially the truth. 

’Oh good,’ Hilda exclaimed as she proceeded to climb on the bed. This action caused the hem of the tall woman’s dressing gown to ride way up, which gave Marcie a free look at her /blonde/blonde-pussy/">blonde pussy. The spreadeagled blonde suspected that the other woman was naked underneath and this just confirmed it as Hilda straddled her middle while looking down at her. 

Then Hilda leaned over Marcie’s naked body, which caused the sitting woman’s bodice to fall in front giving Marcie another look at her dangling boobs. ’Ever had another woman suck your tits before?’ 

The blonde sex-slave responded quickly, ’No.’ 

Then she felt the other woman’s breath on her left nipple. A split second later she felt the soft wet lips around her hard little nub. The feeling was electric. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. Then she felt her tongue on her nipple. The shooting sensation soared. She actually felt disappointed when the mouth around her nipple was taken away. But then the same process was done to her right nipple. ’Oh Yes!’ 

Then Hilda began licking her way down Marcie’s soft body, between her breasts, over the flat tummy to her naval, which had the buxom blonde gasping. When the tall blonde reached the other woman’s mound, she detoured around the pussy and began licking her thighs, down one and back up the other. 

’Mmmm, Marcie you taste so good!’ 

By then Hilda had reached the trussed up woman’s open juncture. ’Ever had another woman go down on you before?’ 

’No!’ she replied in a voice that pleaded for the other woman to continue. 

’Hans was so thoughtful to have left you for me,’ Hilda said as she plunged her face into Marcie’s crotch. She licked around the sensitive pussy lips which drew a loud gasp. The gasp rose even louder when Hilda inserted her tongue and located the clit. Again, Marcie threw her head back in the throes of ecstacy as Hilda lapped that most sensitive little button over and over. 

’OH YES!’ She shrieked. 

Then just that quick, it all stopped. Wickedly, Hilda removed her tongue from Marcie’s pussy and sat back on top of the spreadeagled sex slave. Hilda’s whole demeanor changed. ’You didn’t think I was gonna let you cum, did you?’ She said with a snarl as she looked daggers at the frustrated young woman. 

Marcie didn’t know what to say. One minute she was in absolute heaven, now this. 

’Let’s get something straight! You became Hans’ sex slave, isn’t that right?’ 

’Yes,’ Marcie conceded with a frown. 

Suddenly and without warning, the tall blonde reached up and slapped her right across the face. Then she took a firm hold of her chin, holding it still. ’From now on bitch, you will address me as ’Mistress’. Is that understood?’ 

Marcie was forced to look into the other woman’s eyes. ’Yes Mistress,’ she answered meekly with a very confused look on her face. 

’Very good!’ she snapped as released her firm grip on her chin. Then she continued her tirade. ’Since Hans and I share everything, you are now my sex-slave as well!’ 

Marcie just looked, ’Yes Mistress.’ 

’And furthermore, you are here for my pleasure, not yours!’ 

’Yes Mistress.’ 

Hilda then drew the dressing gown straight over head and off, revealing her lean naked body to her lady in bondage. Marcie could do nothing as Hilda then lowered her breasts toward the slave’s face. 

’Ever sucked another woman’s tits before slave?’ 

’No Mistress!’ she spoke just before the nipple was forced onto her soft mouth. 

’Open your mouth bitch!’ Hilda ordered. Marcie was coerced to accept the other woman’s eraser like nub into her mouth. ’That’s it, suck that nipple, slave!’ 

Actually Marcie found it rather exciting so she sucked hard. ’Yes! That’s it!’ Hilda exclaimed as she replaced one nipple with the other. Then she ordered Marcie to open up wide and proceeded to jam her whole breast into her mouth. ’Lick that nipple!’ She commanded as she gasped from the pleasure. After Marcie was compelled to suck each breast and lick each nipple, Hilda sat straight up again. 

’That was good slave. Now let’s see how good you are sucking pussy!’ The leggy blonde inched her crotch up Marcie’s body so her soaked pussy was right over the supine woman’s face. ’Ever got a close up of another woman’s pussy before slave?’ 

’No Mistress.’ 

’Smell it bitch!’ She jammed her hairy juncture right down on Marcie’s nose. The blonde’s face was completely covered by Hilda’s crotch. The dominant woman grabbed a lock of the slave’s hair and held her head steady. ’Get a good whiff!’ she sneered as she smothered the other woman with her pussy. 

Then she moved back slightly and jammed her /hairy/wet-hairy/hairy-wet-pussy/">hairy wet pussy down on Marcie’s mouth. ’Eat my pussy, cunt!’ Hilda snarled. ’ Get that tongue in there!’ 

Marcie slurped and sucked the other woman’s pussy. ’Oh yeah!’ Hilda shrieked as she brought her own hands up to her lemon sized breasts and squeezed as she bounced up and down on the other woman’s mouth. ’That’s it!. YES!’ 

It wasn’t long before the mouth riding dominatrix came. Her breathing became labored as she went over the edge and she fell backwards onto her back between Marcie’s splayed legs. 

The long legged Hilda laid there for five minutes, relishing in the aftermath. She then rose again, leaned over Marcie and smiled wide. ’You did well for the first time.’ 

A wide smile appeared on Marcie’s face, because she enjoyed it as well. Then she saw Hilda bring her lips down closer and closer to her own lips. She didn’t turn her head away as the tall blonde pressed her full soft lips onto Marcie’s. Both women reveled and Marcie gladly opened her mouth to accept Hilda’s tongue which forged its way into her mouth. 

Then Hilda broke the kiss and beamed into Marcie’s eyes. ’You wanna be my sex slave too, don’t you?’ She asked softly. 

Marcie’s eyes lit up. ’Yes Mistress.’ 

Then Hilda’s voice became stern again. ’Very well then, you will do exactly as I say slave!’ she snarled as she pinched a nipple. Marcie’s face screwed up and she yelped. ’And you will only be allowed to cum when I say so! Is that clear?!’ She mouthed while giving the sensitive nub another pinch. 

’AHH! Yes Mistress!’ was the forced response. 

’And I will take pleasure from your body whenever I want it!’ 



Finally, Hilda, Hans dominant sister, untied the grateful Marcie from her spreadeagled position on the big bed. The tall blonde cuffed the other woman’s hands behind her, put a collar around her slave’s neck and attached a leash. She then tugged on the leash and forced the other blonde, whose hair was considerably longer than Hilda’s to follow her down the carpeted stairs to the main level of the house.