A Security guards bonus

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A Security guards bonus

As a security guard at Christmas, it is usually a thankless task. All those office parties and you have to remain sober, alert and at your post. However once in a while something happens that turns the job into a bonus.

So it was at Christmas 1984, I was the sole security officer at a multi tenant office block. The five floors housed nine different companies, with a communal executive dining room on the top floor where the pent house would normally be. At this time of year this dining room is usually a very busy place booked up for all the staff parties of the tenant companies.

As a rule the parties normally begin around the 17th December and go through to the 24th. This particular year the 24th was a Saturday and therefore only one /party/">party was booked for that day. This meant that the only people on the premises would be associated with that party. The catering manager surprised me around 9.30 am, when he informed me ?You know you may well be here for quite some time as usually the security never get relieved until at least the 28th by this company?

?I expect so!? was my reply.

?Well to make things easier on you, here are the spare keys fro the catering stores. Use what ever you want but make a list so I can knock it off my stock list when I return!? He continued. ?This key is for the wine store, again go easy on it and let me know what you use? he added.

?As I do not drink, your wine store will be safe!? I informed him.

?That?s as maybe, but there is more than just wines in that store, it?s were the cokes and fruit juices are kept? he commented.

He told me that today?s party wanted a cold buffet and it would be all laid out for them from 1.00pm. So he expected to get away around that time, the party was scheduled to start at 3.00pm and finish by 8.00pm. He informed me to ensure the place was locked and secured by 20.30 hrs.

He actually logged out around 12.30 pm and on my next patrol, I decided to check out the dining area. The long room was laid out with trays of sandwiches on trays covered with cling film with six cases of cokes stacked nearby.

I checked the storeroom, thinking about something to eat later after 9.00pm, there was just about everything you could think of in the freezer cabinets. I decided upon a nice selection of ham and cheese for later.

At 2.30 pm the party guests started to arrive, as required they signed into the building out of hours, this allowed me to check who was on site and ensure they had all left later. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred, apart from the occasional flirting between the female guests and me. One blonde woman with her two colleagues, thought she was being witty when she said ?If you was only 20 years younger!? winking at me.

I responded with ?You would still be cradle snatching!? smiling at her. She returned my smile. Before disappearing towards the lift, she produced a sprig of mistletoe and demanded a Christmas kiss. I think it was for show in front of her two younger colleagues, so I thought if she wants a kiss I?ll give her one to remember for a long time to come.

I grabbed her and Rudolph Valentino style turned her into the clinch before giving her an open mouthed kiss. Sally responded by slipping her tongue in to my mouth and tried sword fencing with my tonsils. Her two colleagues merely clapped and cheered, whilst laughing. Breathlessly we broke our kiss and with a wink she said ?Wow, I will be back later to see you later for some more?.

?Not if I see you first!? I responded.

As the rest of the guest began to arrive, I finally discovered that night what PVC really stood for? Perverts Viewing Clothes. As most of the /women/">women seemed in competition as to see who could wear the smallest PVC skirt, tightest PVC top and who could flash most of their stocking tops. As far as I could tell there seemed to be three females for every male at the party.

I was tempted around 5.00 pm to lock the main doors and take a quick peek at the party now in full swing. I decided that better part of valour was to remain where I was.

Sally did return to my front desk around 6.30 pm, she was slightly the worse for wear and appeared a little intoxicated. She brought with her two glasses of wine, offering me one of them. I pointed out that I do not drink and she simply pouted her lips at me. ?I suppose you don?t screw of first dates either!? she chided.

?I would not say that!? I quipped.

?Well how about another of those sexy kisses?? she asked. I took the two glasses from her and set them down on the desk, before taking her hand and leading her into the small security office behind me. I then took her in my arms and re kissed her, exactly the same way as I had early. Only this time I managed to slip my hand up to feel her generous tits. She never flinched, but did stop me from sliding my hand up her skirt though, giggling as she said ?I hardly know you, kind sir.?

She pulled away and wagging her index finger at me she backed out of the room, grabbed her drinks and headed off to the lift. As the lift doors opened she blew me a kiss before stepping inside and she was gone.

Nothing further happened until the guests began leaving around 7.45 pm. Several of the women were worse for the drink and needed Mini cabs to get home. Sally /hung/">hung around the reception area as everyone else began to leave. Eventually she came up, kissed me on the cheek and slipped a piece of paper into my hand. After everyone had left, I finally got to read the note. It read ?Give me a call after 9.00pm tonight and we could get together? it included her mobile phone number.

By 8.30 pm, it appeared that everyone had left, so I locked the front doors and walked up the stairs to the top floor with the intention of locking the dining area and then making a sweep of the building serving as my next patrol. The Dining room was a real mess, but empty, so I locked the doors and began working my way down the stairs checking each floor as I went. 

Fourth floor was clear and promptly secured, as was the third floor. On the second floor however, I heard the sound of giggling. Working my way around the open plan office I came round the final corner to an area where a partitioned office stood with its door wide open. As I approached the giggling became louder, I was not prepared for what I was about to witness.

I reached the open door, to see two naked women on the large board room table. They were looking at each other and obviously unaware of my presence, but they were very busy fucking their own pussies with the necks of two wine bottles. As I stood watching the raven haired woman (Sue as I soon found out) screamed out her /climax/">climax announcing ?I win, I win? as she climaxed over the wine bottle which was more than half way up her pussy.

Her red haired friend (Sheila), screwed up her face as her own orgasm broke, she too had the majority of her bottle buried from sight. ?Shit, you /bitch/">bitch, I suppose your going to make me do something really horrible now!? she screamed.

Before Sue answered, I coughed and startled both ladies. They both sat bolt upright but never attempted to cover up, it was Sue who broke the silence as she said ?OH Shit Sheila, we are busted!? 

?What can we do to convince you not to report this?? Sheila asked.

?Get dressed and go home!? I replied.

Then Sheila stood up on unsteady feet and approached me, her heavy set breasts swayed provocatively as she walked. She reached me just as Sue indian santali xvideo struggled to her feet. Sheila then ran her hand over the obvious bulge in my trousers, squeezing my now painfully /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. She turned to sue and said ?Here Sue look what we have here, we can have the real thing for desert after all?

Sue smiled back, licked her lips and replied ?Oh I certainly hope so, just look how it bulges his pants?
Sue joined Sheila by my side and as sue began to kiss me, Sheila unbuckled my belt and had my trousers undone with out me realizing. The first I knew was when I felt my trousers slip to my knees. Sheila?s had was quickly inside my boxer shorts and wrapped around my cock. 

It took me all of four seconds to decide ?what the heck, who would believe me anyway.? So I allowed them to lead me back over towards the table, where while Sue continued to undress me. Sheila had my cock already buried down her throat to her tonsils.

Sue suddenly announced, ?As I won our little game, I have first choice of going first or second!? she continued ?I choose second! I want to see him fuck you!? 

Sheila reluctantly stopped sucking me and released my cock, standing she laid back on the table and beckoned me between her legs. Sue walked round behind me and taking my penis in her hand she fed it into her friends open /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. She then leaned forward and began to suck ob Sheila?s nipples. What could I do but begin slowly fucking this randy woman laid before me. 

I suddenly saw Sue give Sheila?s right breast a love bite, this drove Sheila over the top as she suddenly began moaning, her cunt spasmed against my rigid prick. I suddenly felt the tell tale tingle start in my balls as I shot my load deep inside her clutching pussy, which milked my cock for all it was worth.

Sheila then slipped to her knees and sucked me hard again. Ready for me to screw Sue, She wanted me to lie on the table and she then climbed on top of me and began to rub her pussy lips against my hardening member. Then she slipped it into her pussy and began riding in earnest. I felt Sheila, squeeze my balls as Sue bounced up and down on my prick. Suddenly I felt Sheila slip a finger into Sue?s /tight/tight-anal/">tight anal ring and begin to finger fuck her. Sue suddenly went rigid as her orgasmed bathed alain lyle porn my hard cock. I lasted much longer this time because of the fact that I had just filled Sheila?s pussy with Jism.

I took Sue to a second orgasm before finally washing the walls of her pussy in my cum. I then persuaded them to dress and escorted them off the premises. I had just locked the main door when the desk telephone rang. ?Hello? I answered. 

?Thought you were supposed to call me around 9.00pm? the woman?s voice said.

?I have been busy besides I am not that late!? I responded. 

?You better check your watch again!? Sally replied.

I looked up at the wall clock and suddenly realized that it read 10.30 pm. I apologized and explained I had found a problem on one of the other floors, which I could not just leave. 

?Well just open the bloody door, it?s freezing out here? was Sally?s response. 
I looked up at the main door and there was Sally, still dressed as when she had left earlier. I unlocked the door and she stepped inside. ?I saw your problems just leaving? she sniped. I explained I had found them passed out in the board room on the second floor and need to make sure they were alright before sending them home.

After locking the main door again, Sally and I went up to the dining room where; she helped herself to another drink before slowly doing a sexy striptease for me. We ended up seeing Christmas morning in doing what comes naturally. Sally had a passion for /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex and at one stage had my cock up her arse and a Saveloy sausage up her pussy, before slowly eating it.

She finally left at 9.00 am Christmas morning walking decidedly bow legged. I could not believe the Christmas this had turned out for me.

I finally got relieved from the site on the 28th December but being honest was never alone for long as Sally kept popping in for food, drink and a little bit of the other??