Cassidy The Working Girl

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Cassidy The Working Girl

By the time Cassidy gets home from xxx work, her legs feel weak.

Opening the door to her flat, she ascends the stairs, her heels clattering on the golden wood. Her hand slides up along the rail and Cas can almost feel the soft skin of a hot and /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock there instead.
She sucks her bottom lip in between her teeth and hurries more so.

By the time she has entered porn videos download her bedroom, he cunt aches. Its a deep dull throb, uneasy slick fire running down to /wet/wet-panties/wet-her-panties/">wet her panties.
She throws herself back onto her large Queen size bed, the luxurious duvets puffing up around her.

Cas widens her legs, her flimsy black skirt rising up her thighs, and trails a hand straight over the tight material of her panties.
So fucking wet.

Cassidy shuts her eyes and teases the puffy lips of her soaked pussy.
"Ah, fuck," she moan low and long, lifting her ass off the bed. She grabs the panties and pulls it so it rides up into her cunt and ass crack. "Jesus Christ, fuck!"

He dark long hair splays out from her pale face as she fucks up at the air by increments.
Her other hand slips under he blouse, popping buttons, to grab a tit and play with the hard rosy nipple.
She wants to be fucked. Fucked in her tight little cunt and /asshole/">asshole. Wants so many cocks in her, plugging her full of come.

But she cant, so with a shaking hand she reaches out to her dresser and opens the top drawer.
So many /toys/fuck-toys/">fuck toys.

She takes a nine inch dildo, wide and thick at the head, and rubs it along the soaked opening of her throbbing pussy. The head pops in slowly and Cassidy mewls with pleasure.
She slowly shoves it into her cunt, little by little being filled. She gets it right in and leaves it there. Reaches for another toy.

A little /vibrator/">vibrator, long and shiny silver but thin. She turns it on to a slow pulse and goes back down to where he pussy clenches over the thick plastic cock shoved deep into her greedy cunt. She slides it in slowly alongside it, the vibrations making her thrust long and hard up against nothing.

Next she shoves a length of anal beads deep into her eager ass.
She comes with a long shuddering cry.