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This is my first attempt at writing so I would appreciate any feedback. Please note that this story has adult themes so you must be over 18 years old to continue on.

*** Chapter 1. Tiffany Prentice

The young doe ran out of its paddock into the surrounding fields, stopping to look around before beginning to graze the sweet smelling grass in the valley....

Tiffany awoke from her daydream, stretching out on her couch. Having focused initially on a corner of the room that she felt had not been painted well by her decorator, she realised that she had let herself slip lately. She shook out her unruly mousy brown hair and stretched herself awake. She immediately thought of her boutique, the only surviving legacy of her marriage.

In her grief, she had let her business slip lately. Although she had continued to spend time on the purchasing elements of her business she knew she could do more. She decided that she had spent enough time in this lethargic state at home so got up and made some lunch.

She prided herself on her table displays, and diligently set out her table for each meal, even when alone. Preparing her meal she noticed the intricate work in the lace doily that her mother had made for her. When she was a young girl she had loved watching her mother design and make dresses for her. She smiled as she recalled that her Mum had a commission to supply a shop that specialized in young girl's fashion, and her designer girl's dresses were in high demand.

Tiffany's husband Derek had passed away seven months ago, and she was soon about to face all of her husband's colleagues at a company function. Her husband had been a research scientist who had devoted all of his knowledge to work on a new vaccine to help HIV sufferers. He was a loving but aloof man, enigmatic and kind, handsome and thoughtful, who had been one of the founding partners in a dynamic new pharmaceutical company. The time had come for his company's annual autumn sales dinner so they decided to honour their colleague by having a Gala evening at a 5 star hotel in Southampton on the south coast of England, where he had worked for the last 10 years.

The thought of facing so many people socially on her own was slightly unnerving even though she had met many of them with her husband during company soirees. She decided that she was still too upset to go on her own and she was glad that she had asked two friends along to help her cope, and hopefully enjoy the evening in their company.

Tiffany had first met Derek Prentice 5 years ago in her father's house, and he was her first real adult boyfriend. He was a guest of her father, who entertained companies who wished to have a quiet location for brainstorming sessions in their family's renovated Manor House on the edge of the New Forest. Her family were immediately captivated by his suave good looks and charm, and Tiffany's mom had set about matchmaking for her only daughter.

After a whirlwind romance and marriage they had settled down in a charming cottage on the edge of the New Forest outside Southampton. Tiffany quickly identified a business opportunity and began setting up her own Boutique with her husband's support. Having leased a retail premises in a good location in the city centre, she soon interviewed two local girls to help her set up and run her business.

Emma had been her first choice as she had previous experience in Ladies fashion and window design. Liz was her second employee who had previous experience in lingerie and accessories. They made a good team and soon the boutique had a devoted clientele.

The day of the Gala had gone by in a flash for Tiffany shopping for a new pair of shoes, with a hair appointment, and time in her favorite beauty spa. She enjoyed the pampering of a makeover and manicure. Liz and Emma had agreed to come to her house to help dress her for the occasion and there was plenty of good natured banter during the time it took to get Tiffany prepared.

Tiffany glimpsed herself as she put on her La Perla underwear, and stockings and felt that her figure did look good. She was 5ft 3 inches tall with a 34b bust, 24inch waist and 34 inch hips, with stunning aquamarine green eyes and with her hair swept up in a high twirl she looked taller.
' Wow, you look great, you are really going to have some hearts thumping tonight!' said Liz as Tiffany slipped into her shimmering cocktail dress and jacket.

'When are you going to start putting in a shift at the coalface Tiff? ', asked the very practical Emma who had been doing much more since Tiffany had stepped back from staffing the boutique when her husband died.
'I have been thinking about it a lot lately and have decided that it's time to go back to work starting on Monday next.

Emma was delighted with this news as she hoped for a little more free time. Tiffany jumped into her Taxi with her friends who were acting as her 'minders'. As they headed for the hotel, Emma acting as the female sleuth asked if there was any chance that any man would break through her Ice Queen routine. ' Highly unlikely' said Tiffany which drew a big sigh from Liz who was a romantic at heart. The Ice Queen name had become a bit of a joke in the boutique between the three girls.

Once at the Hotel venue they were greeted by the stunning Company hostess Victoria De Jong, the Sales and Marketing Manager for the pharmaceutical company. She greeted them warmly with a programme of the gala night and asked that they agree to be photographed outside at the Front of the Hotel where the Company banner was standing proudly, with its ship logo based flag blowing in the breeze.

The official event photographer proceeded to get the four of them posed for the photograph, complimenting them all on full hd xvideo download their style and asking for a beaming smile.

As Tiffany's body brushed off Victoria she felt her nipple harden which she put down to the cold from the sea breeze. She quickly pulled her coat jacket closed as they hurried back into the heat of the Hotel ballroom, careful not to walk too quickly in her high heels.

The evening was very enjoyable. Once the delicious meal was over, all three girls were frequently asked to dance to the fantastic music from a modern four piece band that were playing a great mix of upbeat and slow music. Tiffany on one of her many dances noticed that Emma was spending a lot of time with the same dance partner, a tall good looking guy, who was twirling her about to her obvious enjoyment. Liz was happily married so she free porn movies download avoided any dance partner and opted to dance with her two friends instead.

To avoid a man who she knew had an unsavoury reputation, Tiffany discreetly slipped out of the Gala area into a quiet area of the Bar. As she relaxed there Victoria de Jong walked in and asked if she could join her. ' These shoes are killing me, definitely the wrong choice for all of the legwork I have put in tonight!' said Victoria as she kicked of her shoes for a moment to massage her sore feet.

Tiffany noticed trim legs and painted toenails as Victoria begun to unwind.

'I can sympathize with you there as my own feet are not much better. I did do a lot of dancing though. It's been a great evening for me, so I must thank you for the companies support after Derek's death. I really enjoyed the menu and compliment you on the organisation this evening. The fish course was mouth-wateringly good' said Tiffany.

Victoria blushed as she replied 'Being on the south coast with an abundance of seafood available is what I like most about living here, as that is my favorite food, along with good wine of course'.

'I hope you don't mind me asking but where did you get that fantastic trouser suit and jacket ? I have a boutique here in the City but have never seen anything to match your style' Victoria gushed as Tiffany explained that she owned a boutique that specialised in Ladies fashion, lingerie and accessories. In response, Victoria said that she had bought the suit and bolero jacket from a Boutique specializing in once off creations, during a holiday break in Barcelona.

In a sexy French accent she said 'Perhaps you would help me get an ensemble together to cover a business trip in December to Europe? I would need a mix of stylish, casual and business dress, as well as matching accessories and possibly some new underwear as well?'

'Sure, we will have new stock coming for our Winter Season, and will have a pre-Christmas sale as well, so I can offer you some discount. Here's my card, come along to the boutique any evening you like or we could meet for coffee to give me more details of what you would like. I can bring along some catalogues that we can work through, and decide what to do from there' said Tiffany.

'Great idea, I will give you a call soon, and thanks' said Victoria.

Tiffany walked back into the dancing area with a renewed spring in her step, while Victoria remained seated, stunned by the beauty of this recently widowed woman. As she sat there she mused that Tiffany Prentice was exactly the kind of friend she needed right now.
Tiffany and her friends finally headed home having all agreed that they had a great time. During the ride home there was some good natured chat about Emma's repeated disappearance acts during the night, which caused some blushing.

As Tiffany got ready for bed she pondered her Ice Queen facade. She wondered why she hadn't loved her husband more, and if they had managed to have children would she have felt differently. She supposed that she was a bit of a 'cold fish' that hadn't really loved anyone other than her family. As she slipped her dance tired 31 year old body under the duvet, she recalled the girl with the sad brown eyes she had met in the Hotel, and smiled at the thought of some much needed business for her boutique. With the thought that perhaps Victoria could be a new friend as well she drifted quickly to sleep.