The Pros And Cons Of Using Tanning Beds

Published September 12, 2022 tag category
The Pros And Cons Of Using Tanning Beds

Americans have been gifted with pearly-white skin but most of them are not contented with this and so they do all things just so they can have beautifully tanned bodies. Some prefer to get their tans in the beach while others who have less time to go out settle for tanning lotions and for tanning beds.

A tanning bed is a device or gadget that is commonly used by tanning salons. It is literally a bed made of Plexiglas and the client lies on the bed while getting his tan from lighting fixtures producing ultraviolet rays that does not only cause tanning but also burning. Most salon owners however claim they have switched to tanning beds that now emit ultra violet lighting that are considered safe. However, there are sectors who claim that while such long wave rays do not cause burning, they can damage a person?s immune system and can result to a condition called malignant melanoma.

Experts however claim that just like the sun?s rays, tanning gadgets that are used indoors are also harmful to the body. The principle behind the tanning process is proof that getting tanned even while indoors also poses a risk to your health. A person gets tanned skin because his skin creates a coloring as a protection against the burning caused by the ultraviolet rays. A person who is regularly exposed to ultra violet rays can be prone to early skin wrinkling and get eye injury. The worse thing that could happen is the possibility of getting skin cancer like basal cell and melanoma

While the emphasis has been place don the possibility of getting skin cancer, a person who frequently uses tanning beds can also put his retina and cornea, both very important eye parts, at risk. It can even cause blindness later on when it is not treated. The damage to these eye parts is even greater when constantly exposed to tanning beds than in direct sunlight.

If you cannot avoid using tanning beds, then you should at least try to protect yourself from getting the possible health hazards by following some safety measures. Remember that when you start the habit of tanning early on in life, you also increase the injury that would be suffered by your skin. To minimize this, always set a timer for yourself when undergoing tanning in a salon. No matter what the salon operator said about your tanning hours, you should always make sure that you are only exposed to the tanning bed for a limited time.

No matter what the salon operator say about the safety of the tanning bed, always wear protective goggles to keep your eyes safe. The wearing of public goggle sin saunas or salon however pose another problem which is eye irritation due to bacteria so make sure the goggles are sanitized before you use them.

Too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation can worsen lupus and diabetes so if you are afflicted with these diseases then you should avoid the use of tanning beds. Since exposure to regular sunlight cannot be totally avoided, it is best to wear SPF or sunscreens. The numbers on the sunscreen indicate the time you can stay under the sun without getting burned.

Despite the dangers attributed to the use of tanning beds, people still buy this product because of the convenience it offers. With a tanning bed, you no longer have to hurry and drive to the salon or to wait for your turn in salon tanning beds. If the usage of this product cannot be avoided, then you should be responsible enough to get as minimal exposure from the ultraviolet rays, whether it is shortwave or long wave.